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Why a monthly subscription is better

Some of you have asked us why we have chosen a subscription model. Why should I pay monthly for something when I could pay a one-off fee and never have to worry about it again? It’s a fair question. And it’s one we are keen to answer, because there are very good reasons – good […]

Notes, Focus mode, importing and more…Novlr v0.2.2

It’s that exciting time again – a new Novlr release. We’ve been working hard and we’ve got some exciting things to show for it. If you can’t wait as I go through them one by one, jump to the release notes at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget the amazing Lifetime heroes; who […]

Release notes: Novlr v0.2.1

Thomas and I have been busy again for the last few weeks bringing you another release hot off the heels of 0.2.0. We hope you are going to like the new features in this one. As always if you have any questions, technical or otherwise, drop us an email at [email protected] or tweet us at […]

New feature release: Exporting your novel

As any of you who have been following our journey over the last two years know, we build what our writers need. Mostly that consists of asking you to tell us which are the most important features to you in a novel-writing software, and as we get funding, building them. The next of those features […]

Offline writing is here!

Offline writing is here! You told us you wanted it, so we built it. Your votes on our features poll made it clear what is most important to you: being able to carry on writing when not connected to the internet. We all write in lots of different places and for the cafes with bad wifi, the trains, the in-between-times, we need to […]

That time novlr made the words invisible

Slap, bang, we were so close! So tantalising close to launching offline. I mean we did launch it. But there was a problem. Last night at 00.30am GMT, we launched offline editing. We always release new functionality at least 12 hours before announcing it in case any issues crop up. Well they did. We woke up to […]