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We like the idea of adding an optional “edit mode” that switches on writing analysis tools. Suggestions from you so far that it could do are:

  • Check for correct grammar
  • Estimate reading age
  • Readability measure (check sentences are badly constructed)
  • Tense checker
  • Insights in momentum (i.e. sentence length) (suggested by Julian Tunru)
  • Word repetition that you may not be aware (suggested by Julian Tunru)
  • Variation in dialogue tags(suggested by Julian Tunru) – this one may be better as a separate feature of “dialogue concistency checking” where you would highlight characters dialogue and it could make comparisons.

There are a couple of apps doing this well so it may be that we have an integration with these tools where the algorithms are already written rather than duplicating the work within the writing community – better to work together 🙂

Let us know what you would like to see


This feature is proposed!



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  1. Matt Wilkinson says:

    I love all of these. Especially the word repetition, I’d like to see a word cloud of the most commonly used words along with a list version, missing out common words like ‘a’ or ‘the’. These are all Grammarly features, which I’d LOVE to see here. 🙂 100 votes. 😀

    • Clare says:

      100 votes – you do want this feature! hah. I like the cloud of most commonly used words – could be very useful for writers.

  2. Graham Brand says:

    I like the idea of a Word Cloud, with the option to display it by either chapter or the whole novel. It would be nice if you could then drill through the words to kick off a Find for those words through the relevant part of the book.

  3. Nurit says:

    I think it would also help to have a reading time estimation, or some kind of way to estimate how long it would take people to read the piece you are writing.

    • Clare says:

      Hi Nurit, this sounds like a great idea. I have always found it useful on my e-reader when it tells me an estimate of how many hours/minutes I have left of reading the book 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions!

  4. Clare says:

    Suggestion via email from LC: Maybe a few cool tools like the “Mark Twain” button to help “kill the adverbs” or something which recognizes overused metaphors, etc.

  5. Tom says:

    I like the idea of picking up on word repetition.

    I have a terrible problem of using ‘appears’ and ‘seemed’ way too much in my writing.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’d love to see some optional editing features along the lines of Hemingway app and Grammarly. Would be my all-in-one dream app then!

    • Clare says:

      Hi Jeremy. Thanks for your comment. We had to turn Grammarly off in Novlr, unfortunately, as they didn’t seem to play too nicely with each other. We think this would be a great addition to the writing analyser though and will definitely consider looking into how we can do it 🙂

  7. T.S. Perrault says:

    I love the idea of a tense checker – I write in present tense, but I’ve heard from several readers that they prefer past tense, so I’m sort of going back and forth between the two as I go. Having a tense checker would be a godsend and save so much time and frustration. Thumbs up!

    • Clare says:

      This is an interesting one and would be a great addition to the app! I’m not sure how easy it would be but definitely something we can consider when we take a look at the development of this feature – thanks! 🙂

  8. Carl Plumer says:

    Hey Clare, you might want to reach out to the folks at AutoCrit on this one. I’m friends with Jocelyn over there, the CEO, and can put you in touch. Just let me know via email and I’ll forward you her contact info! Friendly, hard working folks, just like you!

    • Clare says:

      Hi Carl, Thanks so much for your comment – that’s really useful. I’ll let Thomas and Kim know for when they get round to developing this one! Clare 🙂

  9. Tim says:

    EIther this or integration with ProWriting Aid (Has a Chrome Extension and Google Docs already. The more I have to cut and paste for functionality the better.

  10. Basil says:

    I’d like this to yell at me when I use passive voice too.

    Integration with Hemingway App might hit a lot of the asks people have.


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