Release 2.0 Lifetime Offer

If you like Novlr already, you are going to love the Novlr you’ll get in 3 months time, and you’ll be skipping round your desk in glee at the Novlr you’ll be using a year from now. Novlr will keep getting better and better. We are ready to start work on some really big features, and we want to do so quickly, so we’ve decided to offer a lifetime of Novlr for just $150 for 2 weeks to make that happen.


Because it means we get a chunk of money up front that we can start spending now. It was really successful when we came out of Beta with Novlr 1.0. Over 300 of you became Lifetime members through that offer and allowed us to get all sorts of incredible features, like offline and versioning into your hands over the last 6 months.

What sort of features are you talking about?

Take a look at our Features Roadmap. It’ll depend which features are the most popular. Some that are up for consideration are publish to ebook, collaboration tools, character profiles and making Novlr really responsive on tablets. But, these aren’t fixed and it will depend on how many lifetime memberships are taken up. So please do vote and add comments with your thoughts as that helps us work out the most important features – and also let the world know they can get hold of a lifetime of Novlr for a one-off fee.

How do I take advantage of the offer?

Just create an account on Novlr – or log in as usual – and you’ll find the offer in the settings. If you have any problems, or have any questions, please do ask us and we’ll sort them out.

So what does Lifetime mean exactly?

What it means is that your account will always be valid, and you won’t have to pay the monthly or annual fee to use Novlr to write as many novels as you like. Your account will include all the features that come as part of the Novlr subscription. Obviously this only lasts as long as Novlr lasts, but we’re here for the long term, so you don’t need to worry about that. Your lifetime purchase helps make Novlr better.

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  1. Julian says:

    Can you give some sort of guarantee that you will continue to support the service for at least 15 more months, even if it were to be discontinued? It’s quite a lot of money for a piece of software, so it’d help to know that I’d at least get the regular per-month value out of it if I do sign up through this.

    • admin says:

      Hi Julian

      We’re an upfront bunch, so we can’t 100% guarantee that in the same way that any company couldn’t, but our monthly members cover our maintenance costs each month, and we’re growing, so I don’t see there being any real risk of us not being here in 15 months. We have given more than two years of our lives to building this, so we’re determined to make it work. We aren’t going anywhere.

      Thomas (& I think I can speak for Kim)

  2. Garrett Petticrew says:

    Hello team, I pinged you on Twitter about this as well.

    I’ve been trying to purchase lifetime for about an hour.
    In my settings, I click lifetime and get redirected to the landing page.

    When I click again I get redirected here.
    If I click through on this page it asks me to create an account?

    I am caught in some sales funnel purgatory and can’t get out.
    Help please :).

  3. Stacy says:

    Hi there,

    Do you see yourself offering the lifetime membership as an option again in the future?



    • Clare says:

      Hi Stacy, we don’t have any plans to, but drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do for you! Clare 🙂


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