Thank you to our 163 Lifetime Heroes

For two weeks we offered everyone who had ever used Novlr the chance to be part of Novlr’s future and get a great deal in the process.

In order to fund development on the app, Novlr needed some money. So we offered you a Lifetime of Novlr for $150 (or discounted if you had already signed up) and 163 people took us up on the offer.  Those people never have to pay another penny for Novlr again AND are ensuring that Novlr can keeps getting better and better.

With the money raised by the offer we will be adding new features in the build up to Novlr 2.0. We currently have enough subscribers to pay for the cost of keeping the app up, customer support and bug maintenance. This means we can sustain ourselves indefinitely, however continuing to make Novlr better is a huge part of our aim and a real advantage to being an online app. We can constantly add new improvements and features to it without you having to download an upgrade or pay for a premium pack. That is what this money allows us to do – add new features.

Some of the things we would like to work on over the next few months are on our Features Roadmap. The roadmap is a comprehensive list of Novlr’s future. What we build next will depend on which features are most popular. Some that are up for consideration over the next few months include: publish to ebook, collaboration tools, character profiles and making Novlr really responsive on tablets.

Didn’t get a lifetime in time?

For 48 hours we’ll allow any late-comers to take up the lifetime offer by emailing us on [email protected] If you didn’t get chance or paid in time you can still get Novlr until the 11th May, just not in the app – drop us an email. That’s the reward you get for reading right until the end of our blog :)