Working out multiple devices

So since we opened up beta to everyone (at the end of October), the number of beta testers has grown at over 50 a day! That is a lot of people using Novlr!

This increase in people means we are getting more issues reported. Sounds like a bad thing I know. But it sort of isn’t (we’re optimists here!). What it means is that issues that are happening to a number of people show up pretty quickly because our diligent testers are reporting them in larger numbers. basically it makes it easier for us to figure out what is a “one-off” bug and what is something that needs dealing with urgently.

We’ve come across one of the latter.

We have had reports of people occasionally having issues with Novlr not updating when switching from one device to another. We’ve had about 15 reports, which may not sound like many with 2000 people using the product but it is an indication that it is not an ad-hoc thing. We are working on this as we speak. Weirdly, our work on offline editing fits really neatly with our solution to the multiple device conundrum so we have fast-tracked both together and this is our current focus with an aim to have it live in the next few weeks.

The work on this is thanks in *whole* to the lifetime heroes who have invested in Novlr, saving them a tonne of cash in the future and also helping us pay for current development. You can be one too if you like.

Anyway, in the meantime here is some advice on working on Novlr on multiple devices

  1. If you come to a device with Novlr open where you previously left off and a chapter isn’t up to date with what you worked on elsewhere –
    • Don’t write in the chapter (this will overwrite your work written elsewhere)
    • Refresh the page. This will update it in 95% of cases.
    • If that doesn’t work, flush the cache and refresh the page again.
  2. If you are still having problems get in touch with [email protected] with the time of the problem she will do what she can to help you.

Like I say, we are currently building functionality that will resolve this. But we wanted to make sure you were of this bug.

Thanks again for being the best beta testers a couple of optimistic procrastinating writer-come-developers could ask for.