All about beta

I thought I’d give you a little update on development as it’s been a few weeks since the last one. Our goal of having a beta ready in July is hovering in the distance, just close enough to get us sweating at the collar but far enough for us to treat ourselves to the occasional cup of tea! We have a pretty clear idea of what we want the beta to be now (and what’s feasible in that timeline) but maybe haven’t shared that with you guys yet. Before you read on, make sure you are signed up to be one of our Beta testers.

Release 0: Beta

So, in summary, Beta will be the foundation. It will be the first draft but be robust and secure. It will be opened up to the 500 hundred of you who have signed up to beta so far and those that do so in the meantime. We may roll it out in stages starting with those who signed up first to keep the level of feedback and bug fixing manageable. Beta will be the crux of Novlr and will have the user-friendly interface, chapters (with the ability to add, delete and move them around), the editor, basic settings, wordcounts, basic export options, formatting and – crucially – constant saving. It will be tablet-ready and device responsive (but not to mobile at this point – mobile will need a whole other level of thought to consider how people will use screens at that size with something like this – writing up whole chapters is unlikely with just your thumbs!).

Then the next step will be planning for the first public release of Novlr where features like tagging chapters, advanced exports and quick search will be introduced – exactly what we do will be entirely informed by the feedback from beta. From there, we will be working through the feature list in order of priority that you decide on. This includes adding character profiles, tagging of paragraphs, plot arcs, motivational tools and whatever else you clever people come up with. Beyond beta we have an idea of the direction but the road is untrodden, our users will be the ones to mark it out for us – Novlr is being built for writers and we need you to be a big part of the development of it.

I’ll be blogging in between coding sprints and Thomas will be blogging too – often writing more inspiring blog posts about your actual writing and useful feature pieces!

Until next time x