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Offline writing is here!

Offline writing is here! You told us you wanted it, so we built it. Your votes on our features poll made it clear what is most important to you: being able to carry on writing when not connected to the internet. We all write in lots of different places and for the cafes with bad wifi, the trains, the in-between-times, we need to […]

That time novlr made the words invisible

Slap, bang, we were so close! So tantalising close to launching offline. I mean we did launch it. But there was a problem. Last night at 00.30am GMT, we launched offline editing. We always release new functionality at least 12 hours before announcing it in case any issues crop up. Well they did. We woke up to […]

Novlr NOT down – hosting issues FIXED

EDIT: Hi all. The issues below have been solved. We’ve moved hosts which will allow us to monitor the servers better. It’s also substantially cheaper – which is good – lets us focus our limited money where it matters – on getting Offline Writing to you as soon as possible.     Dear Novlrists We […]

Bugfix update, NaNoWriMo, NaNoDiNo, Uganda, Lifetime Novlr and more

Hi all Here’s our latest video update. It’s mammoth – 3 whole minutes long. We realise that watching all of this is more than we should ask of anyone, but we are covering a lot of topics: #NaNoWriMo #NaNoDiNo Bugfix updates Our trip to Uganda and Kenya Lifetime Novlr heroes ramblings   Kim’s fundraising page: https://kopafrica.believe.in/fundraising/im-cycling-450km-from-kampala-in-uganda-to-kisumu-in-kenya-across-pot-holed-dirt-tracks/

Working out multiple devices

So since we opened up beta to everyone (at the end of October), the number of beta testers has grown at over 50 a day! That is a lot of people using Novlr! This increase in people means we are getting more issues reported. Sounds like a bad thing I know. But it sort of […]

#NaNoDiNo: Word count dinostauries for #NaNoWriMo

It’s been just over a week of November and the word counts are starting to rise. So this week saw some of Novlr’s followers and many others start to share their pride in their achievements in the form of a dinosaur – what other way could there be. At point of posting there have been […]

Letting the whole world in for NaNoWriMo

Thanks to our incredible closed beta testers, we’ve reached a pretty special moment – we’re ready to open beta up. SIGN UP TO BETA From today anyone will be able to register on the website directly without having to wait for an invite. We think we’ve ironed out enough of the bugs to take on […]

Novlr – for life, not just for Christmas

We’re so pleased to be sending someone a special present. A lifetime of Novlr! We recently offered all those wonderful people who backed us on our recent Kickstarter the opportunity to get their hands on a lifetime’s worth of Novlr. We’ve been so pleased by how many of you have and it is really helping […]


We’ve added…wait for it. * * * * * * * * * * UNDERLINING!!! Ok, so maybe not world-changing. However, one of the most common bits of feedback from you guys is ‘we love the simplicity and having only necessary formatting does decrease distractions…but underlining is sort of a must’. So we listened. And […]

Internet connection bug

We’ve had quite a few reports of people getting the “lost internet connection” alert when their connection is fine. This is a tough one to replicate as it seems sporadic and we can’t tell if those reported had good internet connection or not but we *think* we’ve made some progress. We show that alert when […]