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The next step: time to make Novlr happen

Step 1: Beta Good job beta testers. You’ve found a fair few bugs, and have helped polish Novlr. We’re now in open beta for anyone to try Novlr. Step 2: Full release You helped us take our first step and now we would love you to be part of the next step. We want Novlr to […]

Your work is your work

Just a quick blog to answer a few questions about Novlr being free for now and in the future, the Novlr “free trial”. The biggest question is this: “If I don’t want to continue after the trial, will I lose my work” and the answer is: No. You will always have access to your work. […]

Why we’re pleased with Novlr beta

You’ll spend hundreds of hours – scratch that – hundreds of days writing your novel. So, our goal was to build a platform that feels good to write into. With our beta, we’re pleased to say, we think we’ve done that. We went through a bit of an epiphany with the beta a month or […]

Novlr weekly update No1

So, we thought it might be quicker and easier, and therefore more likely to happen if we posted a regular update by video. So here’s Kim with our first one.

When is ready actually ready?

So… it’s early July and still no sign of the Novlr beta… “what’s gone wrong” I hear you cry. Well I’m pleased to say nothing has gone wrong. A lot has gone right. The overwhelming enthusiasm from all of you wonderful people has led to us feeling a bit of pressure to deliver you a […]

It’s all coming together

Exciting news friends! Novlr is getting close to ready for beta. All of the functionality that we are going to have in the test version is there and we are just doing some front-end development to make it work like a dream on as many devices as we can and then its time for some […]

6 months free Novlr with beta invite closes this week

We’re really excited to be able to say that the demand to try our beta version of Novlr is higher than we had hoped for. So, we’re going to close the beta invitation at 11.59pm (GMT) on Saturday night. Sign up on our homepage now and you’ll get an invite: https://novlr.org – giving you 6 […]

Drag and drop & community spirit

I recently wrote we were tackling the beast that is signup, well I am please to say we have that pretty much nailed now. We have front and backend validation working a treat, secure password storage in the browser and database, constant saving, a smooth and easy process of signup and log in and all […]