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Novlr users are the best…!

We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes of Novlr with the performance of the tool lately making it faster and more accessible for you. During that time, our users have been sharing their love with us. We love receiving emails from new and seasoned Novlr users as it reminds us exactly why this app was […]

Spreading the Novlr Love

We get emails every day from you guys telling us what you’d like to see in Novlr, how the tool’s working out for you, what you love about it, what you’d change and what we could be doing better. Novlr wouldn’t be at the point it is now without your help and we appreciate your feedback […]

Kari Sayers: Guest contributor

About Kari: Kari Sayers is an online entrepreneur, published author, and founder of BookishBizness.com. She specializes in empowering creatives to pursue passion, purpose, and passive income. How to Use Novlr to Support A Non-Fiction Writing Business by Kari Sayers In May 2014, I stumbled across a random tweet about a tool called Novlr. It hadn’t […]

Notebooks and Notes

Notes. Notes are such an important feature of life; to help you remember that significant detail to tell somebody, to insert it into your writing later, to recall the spelling of a place name, a shopping list for the supermarket, to tell somebody you love them, to make somebody smile or simply to test whether […]

Why a good book is a secret door…

Another TED talk this week. This one, “Why a good book is a secret door” is delivered by award winning children’s author, Mac Barnett. Now we know not all of you will be budding children’s authors but this talk was so good we couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone. It can be related to many […]

Catching Creative Ideas

Wonder out loud – boost your creative thoughts through everyday occurrences. TED talks offer a vast array of views, opinions, perspectives and banks of information on multiple subjects. I stumbled across this particular TED talk and as soon as I started watching, Brad Herzog, an award winning freelance writer, captured my attention straight away. Some […]

Your Number 1 Writing Rule!

    Writing fiction Do’s and Don’ts We posted a link last week to an article by the Guardian titled “10 rules for writing fiction” which you can read here Lots of authors contributed and wrote their 10 rules – some favourites of ours were: Do back exercises. Pain is distracting – Margaret Atwood Do, occasionally, […]

NaNoDiNo November madness 2015

2015 NaNoWriMo has finished and it’s fair to say that everyone using Novlr absolutely smashed it. I can honestly say we have never drawn so many well-deserved dinosaurs in our lives! Now it’s time to re-fuel, watch Jurassic Park a few more times, and get some more inspiration ready for 2016’s #NaNoDiNo’s (yes it takes […]