Notes, Focus mode, importing and more…Novlr v0.2.2

It’s that exciting time again – a new Novlr release. We’ve been working hard and we’ve got some exciting things to show for it. If you can’t wait as I go through them one by one, jump to the release notes at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget the amazing Lifetime heroes; who made this release possible.

Make notes, store ideas, build backgrounds

You’ve all been asking (rightly) for somewhere to write things that shouldn’t count towards the word count. Whether it’s making notes, ideas for later or whatever, you will now find a Notes tab in your chapter sidebar which you can fill to your heart’s content without it impacting on your word count. You’ve got one of these per novel.



In focus

We like stripping away distraction – that’s partly what Novlr was about in the first place – a beautiful writing space to let you focus. Well we’ve now added in the option to let you get even more focus. In Settings, you can now select Focus mode and then when you are typing the header and the toolbar at the bottom will fade away and it will be just you and your words. Only if you have your chapter sidebar closed.

Novlr writing screen in focus mode

Import a novel *beta

Sometimes you’re not starting a novel from scratch, you’ll have written some of it in a Word doc or a Google doc, or even in something like Scrivener, but now you’re using Novlr – you want all your novels in the same place. Well we’ve made that a bit easier. You can now import chapters simply including: .rtf, .docx, .txt and .odt. It’s hefty functionality, so we’d love you to all test it and see if you can break it for us :)


There is a bug we’ve already noticed – but thought we’d let you get your hands on it sooner rather than later. So text formatting in .odt isn’t perfect – sorry.


Import your novel into Novlr

So you’ve never used underline

With this release we’re also starting to let you customise Novlr a little – not too much (as we’ve spent a lot of time designing it a particular way!) – but if you’re someone who is never going to use underline, you can remove it from your toolbar altogether. Or you can have paragraph indents or a larger font size. Go wild!


Writing preferences - customise your online writing tool

There’s more too – but you’ve had enough to digest – get back to writing!


Novlr 0.2.2 Release Notes


  • Importing: import your work from .docx .rtf .txt and .odt straight into Novlr
  • Split chapter: split your chapter at ny point to create a new one (useful if importing full novel into a chapter)
  • Notes: Notes section that doesn’t count towards your word count
  • Writing preferences: Customise Novlr to the way you work
  • Focus mode option: Fade out the application toolbars when writing to remove distractions


  • Tweak to chapter sidebar design (useability)
  • Inceased font size in settings (useability)
  • Added hover on elements (useability)
  • Tweak the way word stats show in the bottom right of editor (useability)

Bug fixes

  • Statistics adding 000s to total on a few accounts
  • GDrive not syncing daily
  • Extra linebreaks on .docx export
  • Chapter select not working if clicking above the chapter title


Lifetime Heroes that helped fund this release

Anna Lishman · Melanie Cotter · Jack Regnart · Travis Starnes · Ben Zuffi · Derek Ardolf · Steve Grant · Jim McNelis · Teresa Horne · Faraz Hasan · Dave Floyd · Lou Yardley · Katarina Skarbinec · Louise Holt

Two bug-fixes pushed live: Page scrolling to top and extra line breaks when pasting from word

Hello beta testers. So today we pushed some code live that we hope fixes two quite small but annoying bugs that were happening to quite a few of you. I have found it hard to replicate them because they happen only on some devices and operating systems (and the windows license key nature of Novlr being just Thomas and I means we don’t have all of these to test on!) however, I think I know where they were coming from (more on that in a bit) and so am hoping this resolves it. The two bugs are:

Scrolling back up the page when typing
Windows predominantly. Reported only from IE
When typing, once the length of the chapter extended down the height of the device, every save would skip you back to the top of the editor.

Pasting from word adds additional line breaks
WIndows and Mac. Various version of Microsoft word. Multiple browsers.
Pasting text in from Microsoft word would add additional line breaks half way through sentences.

What do we need from you?

If you were having trouble with either of these bugs, it would be a huge, and I can’t overestimate how huge, help to us if you would see if it is still happening and let us know if it is or not. You can do this by tweeting us @novlrtweets or email [email protected]

How did you fix it?

Firstly, I don’t know for sure that it is, as I say because I had trouble replicating it, I’m hoping you will tell us for sure! However, I believe that both of these bugs were as a result of the editor library we use, Quill, requiring the editable part of the page to be in an iframe. This adds many complications – it’s a bit like having a webpage inside of a webpage. The latest version of Quill was a big re-write and dropped this entirely which makes it 1. much easier to develop and 2. much easier to debug inflatable bouncers!