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Novlr update August 16th 2014

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When is ready actually ready?

So… it’s early July and still no sign of the Novlr beta… “what’s gone wrong” I hear you cry. Well I’m pleased to say nothing has gone wrong. A lot has gone right. The overwhelming enthusiasm from all of you wonderful people has led to us feeling a bit of pressure to deliver you a windows key product that you’d really love to use.

Initial beta plan

When we first thought this Novlr thing up, we intended to throw up a rudimentary beta that just worked and see how that went. That was a good plan, but it was a plan formulated when we thought maybe ten or twenty people might try it out. Instead, we had to close the beta as it edged high into the hundreds of people, and we’ve got over 6000 followers on twitter. The attention has been incredible, and we’re so touched that people like what we’re trying to do. So we felt that the original interface design wasn’t quite good enough for you all, so have been working like mad to get you one that is.

An interface overhaul

We’ve been honoured to work with a couple of great designers on Novlr – but I’ll post about them in full another day. This time round we were looking at the interface that you’ll write into, and we’re really pleased with where we’ve got it to. It does mean that there might be a little delay in getting the beta out, but we think it has been worth it. We’re hopeful that we can get it out this month or very early August. The functionality with the beta release is the foundation work really. It ensures that you are able to write your novel easily and securely. It breaks it into chapters, but not much more. So, what we wanted to make sure you got a taste of is the lovely feel we want Novlr to have. Again, remember this is just the beta so there is sooooo much left to come.

A sneak preview 

So here is what the writing interface for Novlr looks like. We really love it, so we hope you do too.

Full writing screen

Novlr-_0003_Default-optional-chapter-title (1)

With chapters menu open


So…what do you think?

6 months free Novlr with beta invite closes this week

We’re really excited to be able to say that the demand to try our beta version of Novlr is higher than we had hoped for. So, we’re going to close the beta invitation at 11.59pm (GMT) on Saturday night.

Sign up on our homepage now and you’ll get an invite: – giving you 6 months of Novlr free.

Why do we need beta users?

As our blog about why we started Novlr hopefully makes clear – our goal is to build you the tool that makes writing your novel as pleasant and focused as possible. To do that we need your feedback. Our beta users will help shape Novlr – we need you to try it out, and tell us what works, what doesn’t and what glaring elements are missing. So we will be actively asking our beta users to let us know what they think.

What can I expect in Beta: Release 0?

Release 0 is a beta and our focus has very much been to build the platform so that it is as simple as possible. Release 0 comes with just the essentials, as we want to make sure it works really well as a writing interface, is stable and easy to use before we add any extra bits and pieces. It will be the foundation for future releases.inflatable castles

When will I get my beta account?

The honest answer is “as soon as it is ready”, but we are hopeful that’ll be early in July.

Is it free?

Signing up for the beta invitation will get you six months free use of Novlr from when you create your beta account. This six months does include the time you are using the beta version (Release 0) but will include at least three months of free full release Novlr.

Can I export my book after the free beta is over?

If you aren’t happy enough with Novlr to then begin paying for it after six months – not going to happen! – then of course you can download your work in a range of formats. In fact, you can export your work at any time you like.


So, tell all your friends that they ought to grab a beta invite now and get 6 months free of the writing platform that will transform writers’ lives forever.

Oh yes…

We’re getting excited. Novlr is actually happening.

We like feedback

We’re writers building this for other writers, so please give us feedback on everything – we will listen.