Your work is your work

Just a quick blog to answer a few questions about Novlr being free for now and in the future, the Novlr “free trial”. The biggest question is this:

“If I don’t want to continue after the trial, will I lose my work”

and the answer is: No. You will always have access to your work. Whether you pay a penny or not.

At the moment Novlr is free and will remain that way until we feel we have a product that is worth paying for. At the point when we do release Novlr publicly it will be on a subscription model of around $10/month with a free trial at the beginning. If you signed up to the trial but decided not to continue with it, you would still always be able to log in and export your work, you just wouldn’t have access to the writing appinflatable pool slide. If you email us specifically asking to delete all trace of your account, we will but only after many “are you sure?” “are you sure you’re sure”‘s. To be sure :)

Something we are very clear on is that your work is your work. Simple.

Oh and while we’re here, we have no rights to your work. We won’t use it for anything ever, won’t sell it, steal it, drop it into dinner party conversation and claim it as our own. We won’t do any of these things with it. We are currently writing terms and conditions to outline all of the things we won’t do but againinflatable rock climbing wall for sale , to be clear, your work is your work.