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For those of you who have multiple projects, or want somewhere to store your previous works safely, a great suggestion cropped up from a user, Terri. She requested the ability to archive completed projects. This would mean you could still keep them within Novlr but not have to root through every project to find your current work-in-progress, especially for those of you that use Novlr for everyday use.

This would allow you to separate your work into completed projects and current masterpieces. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how it could work or anything else you’d like to see within this feature. So over to you – spill your thoughts!


This feature is proposed


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  1. Graham Brand
    Graham Brand says:

    Yes, this makes sense. They could all be available under a single Archived item in the project drop-down menu.

    It could also mean that completed projects don’t get backed up to pdf daily.

    Presumably they would still be counted for overall word count stats (not that I’m too bothered about that).

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I have shared my work on various writing sites before such as and and I like the fact that on webook, you can designate a project as completed and turn off update notifications. I think that this basically closes the project so that you are closing out the option to add more to it, but this also has the option of being changed and that these projects can also be edited for correction, but allows readers to find completed works to read.

    Here, I think that it might be nice to have two different areas to access your writing, the completed section or archived one would be separate from the works in progress. Perhaps that there could be a page or option to ask what you wish to see, or work on? If the project is marked as completed, you could have an editing option for revision, but that could be kept separate from those that aren’t done? Just a thought.

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for your comment and your thoughts on how archiving could work. We think it would be a great feature to have and are excited to hear everyone’s suggestions for it :)

  3. Tammy Rizzo
    Tammy Rizzo says:

    I think archiving finished projects is a fantastic idea! I like the suggestion of having the archives be a separate menu tab, and would think keeping their word counts in the stats would be ideal. We all want to know how many words we’ve written over the course of using Novlr, I think.

  4. Noah Nichols
    Noah Nichols says:

    I am all for this idea. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more votes. Honestly, it’d make scrolling through your work much easier. You could put an option by each novel in your queue that makes it green-lit and therefore is put in the completed works area.

  5. K.A. Mitchell
    K.A. Mitchell says:

    I agree that this would be very useful. I’m a professional, full-time author who uses Novlr for my first drafts and I already have six novels, three of them completed and published that I wish I could archive to get it out of my way when I open novlr.

    • KA Mitchell
      KA Mitchell says:

      I’m updating my comment. Now I have fifteen different projects in Novlr, 11 of which have been published in some form or another. I could delete the ones I’m finished with, as I have them in other forms, but I love knowing the early drafts are here if I want to pillage for something I didn’t use.
      This is the best writing software I’ve ever used, I recommend it everywhere, and that’s really the only thing I know that would make it better, a way to archive finished projects so I don’t have such a long column to scroll through when I’ve got words burning in my head that I want to get in the file immediately.

  6. MG
    MG says:

    I’d honestly like to go a step further beyond just “archived” and “in progress”. I was looking over a list of works on the go that I have last night. about 5 or 6 of them I’ve put into novlr so far. The list is over 40 entries long and it’s just a section of all my in progress stuff. I can off the top of my head think of at least another 10 partial works that aren’t even included in my list. I’d really love to be able to put them all into novlr so that I can access them and all their notes from anywhere and have them organised a lot better than the various files of partially written bits I currently have scattered across a handful of devices. Novlr is perfect for keeping my ideas and partial works all neatly collected like that but with just what I have online right now I’m already finding my list of works a pain to scroll through to get to the one I want.

    It would be nice to have a couple more options for dividing up my works. Archiving for completed stuff is great but I start so many different ideas and things and would love to be able to keep that all in one place like here, so it would be awesome if i could create a couple different folders or groups. Things like “Active Works” for the stuff I’m really making progress on. “Ideas/Prompts/Etc” for the stuff that I’ve mostly just got a start or outline for “Abandoned works” for the things that I did outline/write parts of but have somewhat lost interest in for now and am not sure if I’m going to come back to later. Those are just examples of how I could use folders to separate my stuff if I had that option. Another thing would be to be able separate my longer novel stories from other different writing. I’ve been playing with writing some children’s books but it would be nice to be able to separate that from my novels.

    I wouldn’t mind if the groupings were something that I couldn’t switch to from the main screen and had to maybe go to the settings pages to select which group to make active and then just have the list of my active group show up in novlr as normal. That would fine (and possibly nicer than having to go through folders in the main page). I just work on so many different things and different types of things that I’d love to be able to keep it all in one place and organised by putting it on novlr but I’d need some way to separate them into smaller groups of works if I’m going to do that so I don’t have a list of over 50 things I have to scroll through to find what I want. (Cause I wish that was an exaggeration for how many started partially written things I have on the go, but if anything it’s actually an underestimate. I’ve been writing stories since I was 11 and have have a lot of series of works I’ve outlined in that time. I’ve been longing for a way to organise them all under one interface for years instead of the massive numbers of files that they currently are. Novlr would be awesome for that, especially cause some of them are spread across a dozen different files with some parts duplicated all over due to migration from computer to computer. Nolvr would eliminate the need for multiple files and make it easier to put each one all together in one thing cause the easy drag to rearrange chapters and such is so much better than trying to combine from multiple places into one word file. But I digress.)

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi MG. Thanks so much for your comment – this is great. It’s so good to hear that you’d like to store your work on Novlr and that we could develop something to help you do this. I like the idea of having folders for different categories of writing. As you say, it would be very useful to have all your works in one place and split up into different folders to organise and establish what’s what. Thanks again! Clare :)

      • MG
        MG says:

        Still really hoping that you can roll out some sort of folders/catagories feature in the near future. My list of works just keeps getting longer on me as I get new ideas for things.

        • Nina Toll
          Nina Toll says:

          Folders and categories would be amazing, especially since I write both fiction and non-fiction — that way it would allow me to focus on one set of work at a time instead of scrolling through EVERYTHING.

    • Saria
      Saria says:

      I second this suggestion. I write a lot of shorter stories, and sometimes I start things and come back to them only months down the line. It would be awesome to have these works counted in my writing stats, but not have to scroll through them on the main Novels list all the time. If this feature was added, I would definitely move all my stories to Novlr to keep track of them in one place.

  7. Charnae
    Charnae says:

    In addition to being able to archive… I’d love to be able to re-order my list of projects. Possibly put the ones I’m currently working on at the top of the list, or even have them listed alphabetically. But mostly I’d like to put them in my own order.

  8. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I was just coming to request what Charnae said. Being able to move the works in progress would be very helpful in addition to archiving them. It’s hard to use the menu after you have your first several books up there.


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