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We are all writers. We all know how important our words are. We’ve all lived through one of those computer crashes where you lose huge swathes of unsaved work and the pit of despair that follows.

One of the main reasons for building Novlr was to ensure that that could never happen. That none of the words we write can ever be lost. The first step in that process was to build a tool that saved your words as you go along.

With constant saving Novlr saves your words every time you take a pause from typing for 300 milliseconds. That’s not very long so it saves all the time basically.

This was the most requested feature for such a long time, we’re really pleased to be able to offer it. There’s lots more features that also deal with the safety of your words, such as triple backups and syncing to Dropbox and Google Drive too.


This feature is now Live!

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  1. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Is there a possibility of changing the save intervals, or making autosave optional? On slower computers the constant saving plays havoc with the page speed, meaning that it tends to miss letters or words when trying to type as the page is constantly trying to refresh itself.

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi Pamela. Thanks for your comment. Saving is one of the things we have been very careful with as this is a feature to ensure your words are safe. The only problem of putting autosave as an option is there could be a few user errors, whereas having it on saves those. It could be something to look into though so thank you for the suggestion :)

  2. Ross
    Ross says:

    Last night I messaged Clare following a cycle of connect/disconnect from Novlr despite the fact my Internet connection remained steady. By the end of the night I had apparently rattled out 13,000 words – now I know this is incorrect and I also know that Clare had advised of some issues which were already being investigated so I left it at that. I presume it will be on account of NaNoWriMo and the additional burden your servers must be taking as the free trial period piques the interest of those not yet sold on the idea of Novlr.

    The problem I’ve found is that despite the fact Novlr is supposed to save every time I take a pause from writing (and it’s also supposed to save locally to the browser) it seems to have failed to do both and today – the issue with inflated word-count seems to have been resolved – I count the loss of words at abut 1,000. I really struggled to get writing last night and so far I’m having the best NaNoWriMo of recent years but that 1,000 word loss stings, though.

    Clare guided me to the browser’s local save file which doesn’t seem to have the most up to date version of my story. I’ve spent my lunch hour today trying to capture the essence of what I wrote last night so I can continue writing tonight without feeling like I’ve lost my position.

    Really very concerned that, a feature pitched as iron-clad, has failed.

    I just thought it was worth making you aware that there might be a hole in your net and words have escaped.


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