Backup your work on Dropbox

Your words are incredibly safe on Novlr. They are saved all the time and more than once. However, many of you have Dropbox accounts and like to keep your writing in Dropbox. So we built an integration so you can get backups of your novels synced to your Dropbox folders every day or every week.

Just go in to your Account settings and click the Dropbox link. Add in your Dropbox details and choose daily or weekly.

That’s it.


This feature is now Live!

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  1. Jenn Lyons
    Jenn Lyons says:

    When I try to sync this, I receive the following error message: This app is in development mode and can’t accept more users. Contact the app developer and ask them to use the Dropbox API App Console to apply for production status.

  2. Clare
    Clare says:

    Suggestion on twitter from @JLZenor: Only make backups of my files if they have changed since the last backup. My dropbox is filling up :)


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