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Twitter user  has requested exporting to smashwords epub format.  Smashwords is an indie ebook self-publisher and distributor. They have very specific guidelines on how to edit a document ready for publishing and it requires many specific settings. Were we to publish to this format we could hopefully get some guidelines from smashwords themselves for exporting to xml or some other format that could be translated but I believe, however it was done, it would be a lot of work. 

Would you be likely to want to export to smashwords-compatible format? Consider that it is likely we will have a publish to epub option in place before then. Or, would this be your preferable “publish to ebook” option? Is this what you’ve been waiting all your life for an online writing platform to build? Let us know your thoughts.


This feature has been proposed. Vote below.



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  1. Brian Clark
    Brian Clark says:

    Now this would be a very nice feature. I have published several book using the smashwords recommended format and it works well. For new users of word or who are not familiar with the various features of word being able to autoformat would be a very nice feature. Yes I know they would still need to go back and verify the changes but even having the majority of the work done would be nice.

  2. Darkmagess
    Darkmagess says:

    Why Smashwords specifically instead of just publishing to the epub standard? I mean, if there’s spare time I can’t see a reason not to, but it doesn’t seem like it would be a priority.

  3. John Jay Lillie
    John Jay Lillie says:

    Smashwords would be good. I formatted one book for it and it also worked for Amazon which I am more interested in. So if you can please confirm it will also work for Amazon submissions that would be great. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.


    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi John, Thanks for your comment. When we look into this feature a bit more, we will then be able to confirm whether or not it will also work for Amazon submissions. As it is is just under discussion at the moment, we haven’t done the research into what would be required for it to work. The feature could be a lot of work but could also be an exciting step. Thanks for your lovely words!

  4. Judith Rook
    Judith Rook says:

    I would like to repeat what Brian Clark and John Jay Lillie say. The Smashwords format works for both Smashwords and Kindle. The first format took me some time, but subsequent book formats have been much speedier. However, if there is a shortcut which works, then I would probably try it, just from curiosity.


  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    I can’t see a benefit of a Smashwords export since both Smashwords and Draft2Digital accept .epub and .doc manuscripts. Seems like there are more pressing options to work on in the pipelin of Novlr

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Thanks for your comment Mike. It would be a great feature, but as you say, there are ways round it for now so it would be a future feature for sure :)


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