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Writing a novel takes a huge amount of focus. It’s difficult to concentrate for hours on end. It’s even more difficult when there are things to distract you. So we’ve built a Focus mode.

Quite simply, Focus mode just means that when you’re typing the rest of the screen will fade out and leave you with just the writing screen. No word counts, no chapter buttons, nothing.

We like it. Try it and let us know what you think.


This feature is now live!

9 replies
  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Email suggestion from Ranjani: Currently, I set my Chrome window to full-screen when I write so that I’m not distracted by other tabs I have open and so I have a larger writing space, but I would also love a full-screen or distraction-proof setting within Novlr that works a little better/isn’t buggy.

  2. Clare
    Clare says:

    EMail suggestion from Claire – I had thought that your ‘focus mode’ might be able to do things like block internet access or at least key favourite websites. I think it could be a great idea if it helped you to be a bit stricter with yourself .

  3. LV
    LV says:

    I think the “focus mode” might be better if it didn’t bring back the top bar with every general mouse move when in full screen. Perhaps if when you move your mouse to the very top of the page it could trigger the bar at that point. I tend to tab to other reference pages when needed and would like to be able to go right back into focus mode without having to wait for the top bar to fade away. Nothing major but still steals my attention for a brief moment which kind of defeats the idea of the mode.

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Thanks for your comment LV. It’s a good point for us to consider. It would be interesting to know what other think about this…?

      • Anne
        Anne says:

        While I don’t tend to navigate with tabbing I do think that dumping novlr out of focus mode should require moving the mouse to a specific point on the screen, or even with a specific action, say double-clicking or tapping.

  4. Noah Nichols
    Noah Nichols says:

    I was about to express the same thoughts about focus mode. LV is right on the money. It’s just a thing that is only slightly annoying, but over…it becomes hugely irritating. It is a distraction and does defeat the purpose of the mode as a whole. Once again, LV is dead-on with this suggestion and it’s not only me that agrees with him, I know quite a few friends that whine about it from time to time. I’d love to see it cleaned up drastically!

  5. James
    James says:

    Great app. Trying it. Thing is, for me and most other writers I suspect, the focus mode is where it all happens. So it must be totally focused with nothing at all but you and that damn blank screen and words being chiselled onto it, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. It would make a big difference not having the top bar always there, niggling away at you when you’re getting down the words. So for me, this focus mode would have to be a sole blank screen, nothing else, as well as the option of day/evening/night mode, and if possible, meditation/zen music in this mode only.


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