Make Grammarly work with Novlr

Lots of our writers also use Grammarly. And unfortunately, at the moment the two tools don’t play nicely together.

We haven’t looked into how much work it would be to make it work yet, but we’d love to know how you feel about it? Is Grammarly something you need to work with Novlr?

Tell us what you think below – and vote too.


This feature is proposed!



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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I love Novlr. It’s a beautiful web-based writing tool. I do use Grammarly pretty frequently to check my work, and although I don’t use it directly in Novlr, the Chrome extension is typically enabled as I use it for my job and to check documents throughout the day. It would be great to have it not mess up the Novlr functionality simply for being turned on. In my experience, the cursor constantly moves when you try and use the delete button (Mac) and that prevents me from actually being able to delete. It also moves randomly sometimes so whatever my typing will end up in the middle of a sentence somewhere else on the page.


    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Thanks for your comment Matt and for voting for this feature. It would be great to get Novlr working alongside Grammarly so you don’t experience these cursor issues and deleting issues :)

  2. Matt Wilkinson
    Matt Wilkinson says:

    I use Grammarly, but I switch it off for Novlr. It would be great if I could use it. It would be great if Novlr did the same job as a part of the app (it would save me the yearly subscription). Until that happens (hopefully it won’t be that hard, it’s just a dictionary, thesaurus and writing tips), I’d love to have it work in tandem with Novlr. I currently copy and paste the chapter into Grammarly, chapter by chapter, not a huge chore, but it would be great to not have to.

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi Matt. We’d love for Novlr to work alongside Grammarly. As mentioned, don’t quite know how much work it will be for Mark and Kim but it would be great for it to happen! Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Garrett
    Garrett says:

    If/when this is implemented I would love for it to only work in an “Edit” mode. Having Grammarly constantly attempt to correct writing mid-session is extremely distracting. I can’t wait for this feature, but I would love to see it only available in the “edit” mode of a workflow.

    Thank you, Novlr!

  4. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Any update on Grammarly. I just discovered Novlr and love it. It works almost perfect for me. The ONLY think I am missing is Grammarly. I can use Grammarly outside of Novlr, but won’t that also mess up the Novlr Stats for how much you actually write if you are copying and pasting between the services? What workflow do you Novlrists who also use Grammarly use? I will continue to use both services, I just want to ensure I am doing it the best way possible and hopefully, still be able to have accurate stats inside of Novlr.

  5. Kizzy
    Kizzy says:

    Grammarly is my one stop tool for everything. I simply could not write without it so support for it in Novlr would substantially influence the quality of my work since I find it bothersome to copy and past to and from grammarly constantly. Not to mention that it then ruins my word count towards my goals!
    Also, Google docs not having grammarly support is one of the largest reasons I stopped using that application for writing my novels, hence why I soughted after a far more specially tailored writing service, Novlr, instead.

  6. Randall
    Randall says:

    Any update on this? It’s the one feature that I keep checking for when signing up for a trial. Ultimately I keep refraining from signing up for a paid membership because of the lack of Grammarly support.


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