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We want you to be able to start a novel in Novlr from that very first spark of creativity when it catches you. However, we also want you to be able to import that Novlr you’ve been fighting with in other software for the last two years. Or even those scraps you wrote in microsoft notepad one time. Or that one really long word doc you’ve been meaning to sort out for a while. So you can now import from .rtf, .docx, .odt, .txt. If any other formats would be useful, let us know.


This feature is now Live!

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    This could be boosted by integrating with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Users can easily convert files already stored in such services into Novlr content, and you could even have Novlr save back to those services to give users extra piece of mind that they will always have their work backed up in their preferred cloud service and file format.

    • Kimberley
      Kimberley says:

      Hi Dan – importing directly from Drive or Dropbox is a good idea. Although it so easy to save those files as many other formats that I think it’ll be quite a low priority. We do however already have drive and dropbox integration creating automatic daily or weekly backups of your novel to them (you can see this in your “Export” tab). Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Gabrielle
    Gabrielle says:

    Don’t know if you could add a .scriv format or not, but a lot of writers are using this program. It has many pluses, but there a some hiccups, too. I loved it at first, but the time I spend re-formatting my novel in word after I’ve written it in Scrivener is extensive. Anything that cuts down all this bloody formatting time for e-book publishing has my attention. What I mean by that is that the manuscript is clean and publishable (format-wise, all work has to be edited) out of the gate.

  3. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Import pictures and movies with stable layout placement, unlike word’s scramble feature.
    Think its not a novel thing? Have you been on the web?


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