Multiple novels

You are a prolific bunch. One novel wasn’t enough for you. Now you can have as many as you want.


This feature is now Live!

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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Email suggestion from Grace: It took me a while of exploring the “settings” section to figure out how to begin a new novel. It would be much nicer to have the “New Novel” option easily and readily available on the home page, ideally right in the dropdown menu that lists the novels you currently have going.

    • mtn
      mtn says:

      Yep, totally agree. I wasn’t even aware more novels was an option til I saw a post on their Facebook page, commented, and they linked me kindly directly to the features page which was filled with awesome available and upcoming goodies – but there was no link to that ‘new-novel’ page or ‘features page’ from my login page where Im writing. A link in the settings for that page would be great. They’re admittably still growing the site, lotta beta stuff, so I guess there’ll be a few of these roadblocks. Having a “new novel” button in dropdown menu would be awesome! :D

  2. Tim Dams
    Tim Dams says:

    For those looking for this wellhidden feature (please fix this :) )
    Go to settings => Overview => Scroll to the end of the “My novels” section => click “add a new novel”


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