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We’ve had a great suggestion from Jacob, a Novlr user, who said that it would be great if Novlr were to have a variety of templates in a selection of genres to help with writing.

We thought this would be an awesome feature and wanted to get everyone else’s opinion on it?

Let us know what you think along with any suggestions that could make this proposed feature even better!


This feature was proposed


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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    If you’re talking about formatting templates for different types of writing, I’m all for it. Other novel software (for example, Storyist for the Mac and iPad) lets you format a manuscript as an editor would expect it (proper line spacing, font, page numbering conventions, etc.). This kind of automatic formatting makes it very easy for authors to export their writing, all properly formatted and ready to go, without having to modify anything in another word processor.

  2. Bryan
    Bryan says: does have templates like these but they don’t have many and they don’t have one that can put a name at the top of the left page and book title at the top of the right. If you could pattern templates like they do but better, I’d sign up.

  3. Jordan H
    Jordan H says:

    I big YES to templates, as I do many genres of writing: poetry, children’s, nonfiction, etc.

    As of right now, the Novlr experience is nice and distraction-free but does not offer much in way of flexibility for creating different TYPES of documents.

    This would be a game-changer!

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Jordan – great to hear that you would like to see this. We’re considering new features at the moment for the comin year so will be looking into the possibility of this :)

  4. Mário
    Mário says:

    Damn, I proposed this today. Didn’t even notice it.

    Yes, I second this suggestion big time. Personally, change and variety helps me a lot. It’s the reason I’m not sticking to just one piece of software. If Novlr had this it’d be a big step to use it exclusively.


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