Triple backups

We are all writers. We all know how important our words are. We’ve all lived through one of those computer crashes where you lose huge swathes of unsaved work and the pit of despair that follows.  One of the main reasons for building Novlr was to ensure that that could never happen. That none of the words we write can ever be lost. The first step in that process was to build a tool that saved your words as you go along and the second, to make sure we treated every one of thsoe words as if they were our own.

Novlr is securely saved as you type. We also make a “patch” which is a log of what change was made (separate from your saved words).  All those words are then backed up every 10 minutes to a separate server (in case something catastrophic happens to our live, main one). We then take a back up every day from that server to….another one (in case something catastrophic happens to that one too). Y’know, just in case.


This feature is now Live!

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