Tracking how much and when you write

It’s important to know how much you’ve written each day, week, month. It’s also important to know how many hours you’ve written for, how many words you average a day and how your novel has grown over time. We’ve begun the process of building you the most comprehensive writing statistics we can, by giving you the basics.

  • Number of novels
  • Number of chapters
  • Total number of words
  • Words per day/month/year.
  • Average words per day (including only days you wrote)
  • Average words per day (including all days)

Dig a bit deeper

If you want to compare your writing from one month to another, or see how much you wrote in a particular time period, we’ve added a graph and let you select some dates.

And there’s a lot more to come.


This feature is now Live!

5 replies
  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Comment on facebook from Christopher: On word counts – would it be possible to have a count from start to wherever the cursor is in the text? It would be helpful sometimes if you’re trying to keep chapters or sections to a similar word length.
    Also would it be possible to have a word count for “selected” blocks?

  2. Clare
    Clare says:

    Suggestion for word counts from Jonathan via email: If I could get the word count for a highlighted portion of text somehow, that would be convenient. I am in a contest that has a word count requirement for the excerpt I am submitting, but the story summary is in the same document.

  3. Clare
    Clare says:

    Suggestion from Crystal for writing times to be included in the graph at the bottom of the Writing Stats page to enable her to track how long she has spent writing.


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