It’s all coming together

Exciting news friends! Novlr is getting close to ready for beta. All of the functionality that we are going to have in the test version is there and we are just doing some front-end development to make it work like a dream on as many devices as we can and then its time for some alpha testing (that’s the kind of testing the developers do, the beta is where you lot come in).

We are both working every hour we can pilfer from our regular lives on this project and cannot contain our mix of excitement that it’s nearly there and terrified anticipation at the thought of you guys taking a first glimpse. There is always the nagging feeling in the back of my head that you’ll see it and go “Is that it?” after the anticipation of the last few months. Obviously the hope is that instead you will find it easy to use, simple and ultimately will change the way you write your novel in the future. So here’s to hoping for reactions on the latter end of that spectrum!

You can read about what’s in the beta in my blog post from last month and if you missed sign up for beta you can sign up to be notified when Novlr is ready for public release (boy will that be an exciting email to get!).

So whilst you quell your enthusiasm for another day, we’ll get on with fine-tuning this.

Not long now!