NaNoDiNo November madness 2015

2015 NaNoWriMo has finished and it’s fair to say that everyone using Novlr absolutely smashed it. I can honestly say we have never drawn so many well-deserved dinosaurs in our lives! Now it’s time to re-fuel, watch Jurassic Park a few more times, and get some more inspiration ready for 2016’s #NaNoDiNo’s (yes it takes that long…!)

As you can see from the picture above, we drew many, many dinosaurs and that’s not even all of them. Our imaginations were stretched as to how we could draw each one differently to the last and there is some pretty strange looking ones in the mix!

Now, we love a good statistic here at Novlr but this one blew our minds. Throughout NaNoWriMo 2015, Novlr users wrote 60,755,096 words! Thats an average of 2,025,169 words written each day, 84,382 words written every hour and 1,406 words written a minute!! We loved hearing how you were getting on each day through Twitter and Facebook and as it says in the picture below – it’s only the beginning.


So to everyone who took part in NaNowrimo – we want to say a huge congratulations. Anyone that takes on writing a novel is incredible, let alone trying to do it in 30 days. Now it’s time to sit back with a cup of strong coffee and edit that bad boy – Good Luck!

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