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Notes are such an important feature of life; to help you remember that significant detail to tell somebody, to insert it into your writing later, to recall the spelling of a place name, a shopping list for the supermarket, to tell somebody you love them, to make somebody smile or simply to test whether that beloved ball point pen you have been using for the past 6 months has finally run out of ink and it’s time to find another one that writes as smoothly with the correct thickness of line (yes, ball point pen thickness is an issue of life).

So when I fell across and read this article by Lawrence Norfolk from the BBC , it made me think about our notebooks that we carry around with us and what we actually write in them. Is it all random words, paragraphs, lines and drawings that don’t relate to one another, or is it a story of its own waiting to be written?

In the article Lawrence says…

“A full notebook potentially contains the rest of your writing life. Or nothing of value at all. It is transitional. Work passes through it on the way to becoming something else.”

Charlotte Bronte’s

Mark Twain’s

I’m sure you all, as writers, have a notebook where you write your ideas, lightbulb moments and general day-to-day wonderings. Mine is blue with an embroidered feather on. In the front of the book, is a journal which I only ever write when I actually remember to do so which unfortunately isn’t that often. Each entry is more of a “life update” every 3 months or so. In the back, are random pages of pictures, lecture notes, telephone doodles, presentation notes, train times and random poem verses. In the middle, ripped pieces of paper for when I have needed a note to push through someone’s letterbox, to wrap my chewing gum in or to start a game of charades. All completely separate to each other but could actually connect together and tell a story of its own.

Co-founder of Novlr, Kim, has started a new pukka pad just this morning – and has a new pen (side note – the thickness looks good). Check out the post @novlrofficial on Instagram.

What do you go for in a notebook; moleskin, pukka pad, fabric, categorised or whatever is in the shop at the time of need?

Lesson from this blog post – don’t throw away previous notebooks however much space they may take up, they could cure that thing that comes up quite a bit in a writer’s life called Writer’s Block!

Feel free to share your notebook stories and pictures with us!

Happy Note-Taking Friday Novlrists :)

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