Novlr users are the best…!

We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes of Novlr with the performance of the tool lately making it faster and more accessible for you. During that time, our users have been sharing their love with us. We love receiving emails from new and seasoned Novlr users as it reminds us exactly why this app was built. A few recent emails and tweets put a big old smile on our faces….

“Absolutely genius! I had all my writing saved on multiple devices, backed up to USB flash drives, Google drive, external hard disks, obsolete PCs and now… now a miracle has occurred and I have all my manuscripts… all of them… ALL OF THEM.. saved in one single safe readily accessible organised location. Novlr has revolutionised my life. Thank you.” Catherine O’Neill

“You folks are awesome! Keep up the great work. One day I’m going to be a writer and I’m happy to know my Novlr account is here for that very day. :)” Cheri McLeod

If you want to let us know how you’re getting on with Novlr drop us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @novlrtweets. We’re always listening out for ways we can improve, what you love, what you don’t love and what you’d like to see – we look forward to hearing from you!

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