Novlr’s had a spring clean!

Another packed release for you. I’m excited about this one because it includes some new functionality to make managing Novlr more convenient it also makes it immeasurably more pleasant to use in my opinion. Go and click the settings icon in your Novlr and explore the new tabs and designs. Here, have a video tour of what’s new:


Try and break it please

As with all new features, we have tested it as much as we can with our tiny team of three but if you find any bugs or anything that you don’t think is working right, just drop us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @novlrtweets.

What’s in this release?


This release is a complete redesign of the settings screens. Including the addition of some new functionality in there. The easiest way to see what’s new is to log in and look around or watch the video above. I’ve pulled out a few key changes below.

Simpler export

You told us you found the export screen frustrating to use when you had more than one novel. We moved export into a simple export button in your novel list and now only have integrations (Drive & Dropbox) in a separate tab.

Easy-to-read stats

You now have novel word counts and data in one tab and your writing progress in another. Some of you aren’t interested in writing data (which is when we capture how many words you actually write – taking out pasted or imported words and counting deleted words) and others among you are data monsters. It made sense to split them.

Grammarly compatible (sort of)

There was a bug in Novlr where having Grammarly installed caused the cursor to jump around the page. It is an issue that Grammarly are aware of and other editors of this type have similar issues, so we are hoping we can work with Grammarly to come up with a solution soon. In the meantime, having Grammarly installed won’t now break Novlr, Novlr will work, but Grammarly will be off. This is step one. Hopefully soon, we will have full compatibility and you can have the best of both worlds. Any developers out there, feel free to take a look at the links above and have a stab at fixing it!

Quick contact

We have added a new quick contact form from within the app in case you want to get in touch, report a bug or need to talk when you crash into the wall of writers block. We’re here for you.
More bug fixes

Bug fixes

Yes, every release has a tonne of these in. In this release are:

  • Italics & bold disappearing in .docx export
  • Paragraph spacing sometimes not coming out correctly on import
  • Some saves not recording correct word counts which threw stats out
  • Other changes to stats calculations (we are making tweaks all the time – please report any inconsistencies to help make them better)
  • We sped up page load

So that was February/March, we’ll be releasing new features every month.

Influence what we build next by adding your votes to the features roadmap and discuss how you would like to see them built. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

5 replies
  1. Kimber
    Kimber says:

    I’m liking the new changes/fixes, thank you!
    I like, in particular, stats for each novl in progress; however when I try to set the dates to see how much I’ve written in a specific span of time, the dates don’t show in the little boxes – though I can access the calendars when I click the little calendar icons – the dates I choose don’t show in the the boxes. They almost seem to be behaving as if the text is outside the range of the box, and I tried backspace-deleting and the cursor moved just as if there were a whole bunch of empty spaces in the box. Is the calendar text set to the same color as the box somehow?
    Otherwise the new changes are lovely!

    • Clare
      Clare says:

      Hi Kabin. Thanks for your comment. Novlr isn’t designed in pages i’m afraid. Each chapter is one long stream of writing. You can export to docx and insert page numbers then to calculate how many pages you have written. We have had a few requests for page numbers and page breaks so it could be a potential feature for the future :)


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