Offline writing is here!

Offline writing is here! You told us you wanted it, so we built it. Your votes on our features poll made it clear what is most important to you: being able to carry on writing when not connected to the internet. We all write in lots of different places and for the cafes with bad wifi, the trains, the in-between-times, we need to be able to do so without worrying about our connection. So, with the help of 40 lifetime heroes, we have spent the last month making it happen. And today it went live.

A guide to Novlr offline

Things you can now do:

  • Carry on writing when you lose internet: if your connection drops, you will see a little offline symbol appear in the header and the saved status bottom right will say “offline: saved locally”. This means that we have saved your work to your browser. When you get a connection again, it will automatically come back online, save everything and let you know.
  • Write offline, close tabs and come back to it later: We’ve even done it so that you can close the tab. Close the whole browser. Heck, shut down your entire computer if you like. And then come back to it and carry on where you left off, either offline or online.
  • Write in two or three, or ten places at once: You can now write online in lots of different places and your work will keep up to date as you open new tabs and devices to continue where you left off.
  • Load up, not have a connection and access the app anyway: So long as you are logged in and have visited the app before, you don’t need a connection to load up. So you can go to the cafe, never have a connection, load up, write and then go online to sync it when you get back.
  • Fixing when you accidentally get two versions on the go: If, by mistake, you write offline, then continue elsewhere online before returning to your other-device offline version and writing again, then next time you go online with that one you will have two different versions of a chapter. In this scenario, when you go back online you will need to either get the newer words or keep the ones in the current editor. There is no getting around this if you write in two separate threads in the same chapter, one offline and one online – we’ve done what we can to limit any damage. The best way to avoid this is to always sync after writing offline before writing online in another device elsewhere.

Which is pretty neat. As always, you can give us feedback or report a bug using our reporting system from the app or by emailing us at [email protected]


If you are offline, clearing the cache will clear all locally stored data, like saved passwords etc., including Novlr data – so your offline saved words. Don’t clear the cache before going back online and make sure your work is saved to live (the offline symbol disappears and you get a message “you are back online and all your words have been saved”) before clearing. The other thing is. Offline should be a temporary solution not a way of life. If your computer breaks and you never get to go back on it, those words are lost (Just like the olden days of offline writing tools). When Novlr is online we are saving every word and triple backing up every 5 minutes. Offline, it’s just you and your browser against the world.

Massive thanks

This has been made possible by the foresight, generosity and general brilliant-ness of our lifetime heroes who have paid for lifetime Novlr. Thirty seven of those people helped fund this release. We also had 14 supporters become alpha testers for us to slam the doors and kick the tyres before we let you all take it for a drive. If you see these people on the street, shake their hand. Tell everyone you meet of their vision and intellect. Hold them in the highest regard. Thank you.

Lifetime Heroes that funded this release

Ellie Dawes · Jennifer O’Gorman · Valentina Bertani · Tina Kirby · Akane Vallery Uchida · Jessica Waters · Brendan Stallard · Amy F · Alun Salt· Paul Valentine · Jason Crimp · Rachel Marsh · Edward Kane · Lauren Simonis · Margaret Montgomery · Daniel Caughill · CM Weller · Emma Barnes · Cody Goodson · Angel Belsey · Ben Owens · Amanda Cooke · Jake Carni · Rachel Moore · Craig Roberts · Nik Ranieri · Barry Cooper · Angela Cairns· Kay Buchan · Petra Cechova · Miriam Ahamat · Ricky Wilks · Opal Mattila · Jarrod Kimber · Suzanne Buissink · Rebecca Short · Sutako
If you would like to fund the next release and become a Lifetime Hero, make our day and become a hero now.

Alpha Testers that meant this was able to go live

Rebecca Short · Daniel Caughill · Lisa Bellini · Brendan Stallard · Ashley Leath · Rosie McFaul · kpiazza · Marie Hogebrandt · Amanda Cooke · Iamveryfar · Ricky Wilks · Valentina Bertani · Anj Cairns · Barry Cooper · Jarrad Kimber

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