Podcasts to get stuck into for readers and writers…

Mix up your daily commute by listening to podcasts- the perfect thing to listen to on the way to work, waiting for a bus or before you go to bed. If you don’t have the time to read every blog or article on writing, this is an ideal way to keep up to date with the writing community.

These podcasts have been created to provide tips, inspiration, story ideas,  guidance on the world of writing and a whole host of writing resources. Check out these podcasts for writers and readers which could help you on your way with your novel.

The Dead Robot Society was created by Justin Macumber and has transformed into a popular podcast with multiple hosts. On a weekly basis, they gather and discuss their personal stories and writing journeys along with topics related to the writing world. Give it a listen and see what you think!


Writing Excuses is a weekly educational podcast for writers, recorded by writers. The show has four hosts with occasional guests featured on the show. The great thing about Writing Excuses, is that each podcast is 15 minutes – short enough for you to listen to on the go or before you start your writing.


Helping Writers Become Authors is another short podcast, most being less than 10 minutes. Perfect for on the go and for short attention spans! They cover a whole host of issues writers face, focusing on story arcs and finding inspiration for your story.


The Guardian Books Podcast may not specifically be for writers but is a great podcast for keen readers to listen to author reviews, readings and discussions. Hosted by Guardian Books editor, Claire Armistead, the podcasts makes for interesting listening with multiple angles and inspiring guests.


The Nerdist Writers Panel is an interview series podcasts where writers are invited onto the show to talk to Ben Blacker to talk about their writing, their specific field and journey. Guests come from all different writing backgrounds, not just novelists, but a great listen for a wider perspective of writing.


Get those headphones in and be inspired – happy listening!

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