Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Are my words safe?

Yes. They are.

We save your words every time you pause in your writing so you don’t need to worry – they are very safe indeed. We back them up in two additional separate places (on different continents!) too, to be sure.

You can also sync with Google Drive or Dropbox for automated daily/monthly backups of your novel. You can do this from the Export tab in your account settings (top right icon).

You can also export your words from the Export tab as .docx, .pdf or .odt at any time you like if you’d like to make your own backups (we don’t think these are necessary).

Does Novlr own my words?

No. This is something we’re very very clear about. Your words are your words. We are just a tool to help you write them. We stake no claim over them whatsoever. If you fancy an exhilarating read, there’s more on this in our Terms of Service.

Can I change chapter titles?

You sure can! We have made it nice and easy for you to change the title of your chapter as we know it never normally stays the same throughout the writing process. Check out the video to see how you change the title on the writing page…

Can I change spell check option in Novlr?

Novlr doesn’t actually control spell check on your computer – we leave that up to your browser. You’ll be able to change the language of the spell check in your browser’s settings. Let us know if you need any help with this!

Can I change the font size?

If the writing is too small or too big for you, you can change the text size. Just go to Writing Preferences and play around and see which is best for you.

Can I change the title of my novel?

You can definitely change the title of your novel – we all know how many times that’ll change.  Simply open the chapter sidebar and go to the ‘Title Page’. You can edit the Novel Title on the writing page. Watch the video below to see how it’s done…

Can I delete a novel?

Sometimes you want to start again. We’ve all done it. To delete a novel, go to the settings sidebar, where you’ll find a list of your novels. There is a ‘delete’ button to the right of your novel title. Click on that, and confirm your choice. 

Can I export my words?

Yes – absolutely. Whenever you want. So far, we’ve introduced exporting to .docx, .pdf and .odt. If you are keen on more formats, just let us know.

To export, go to settings (icon top right), hit the “export” button alongside the novel you want to export and choose which format you want to export to. You can also choose to include your notes and sub-chapters aswell. Your file will download and you can open it up from your computer.

Can I import an existing novel?

Yes. You can import from .docx, .txt, .rtf and .odt formats. You go to the chapter sidebar, add a new chapter and select import from the top bar. You then need to name your chapter and select from your documents. It will import your document into a new chapter, so you might have to do a bit of editing.. Watch the video below which shows you how it’s done.

Can I split a chapter?

If you have imported a novel into Novlr and you need to split it into further chapters, or if you have simply gone off track and want to move it to another section, the split feature tool allows you to do that. You’ll find it in the toolbar when you double click/highlight a word. You can then chose where you want to split the chapter using the guide when you move your mouse – take a look at the video below which shows you how to do it.

Can I write more than one novel?

Yes, a Novlr subscription lets you write as many novels as you like. More than one novel on the go? Get them down now. Add a new novel in the Novel drop down box or in the My Novels page. Watch the screencast below to see both ways…

How do I add a new chapter?

You can add a new chapter by going to the chapter sidebar in the top left-hand corner and clicking on the ‘Add New Chapter’ button below your chapter list. Watch the video below to see how.

How do I create a sub-chapter/note?

To create a sub-chapter or note, all you need to do is add a new chapter, name it, then drag that chapter/note underneath and slightly to the right of the chapter/note you want it to be under. Check the video out to see how it is done.

How do I turn on Evening and Night Mode?

To turn on the Evening and Night mode, go to Settings > Writing Preferences and in the bottom left-hand side of the screen there’s a drop down menu called Writing Colour Palette. Take your pick out of Day, Evening or Night and return to your writing screen.

How do I write offline?

One of the many perks of Novlr is that it works both online and offline. If you don’t have internet connection or your wifi goes down, don’t worry – you can still use Novlr. All you need to do is open up your browser, go to and continue with your work. Your words will save locally for as long as you are offline. Make sure you don’t log out when you are offline and when you are back online again, your words will “sync to the cloud” and be saved in our server.

What happens if I accidentally delete a chapter?

We’ve tried to make it quite difficult to delete a chapter by mistake by adding in a big popup to warn you when you try and delete one. If you do manage to :) – then let us know and we’ll be able to recover it for you.

Eventually we would like to add restoring deleted chapters and novels as a feature for you to be able to do in your settings.

What happens if Novlr is hacked?

The database and server are very secure.

Your password is encrypted, your words are not. (If we were to encrypt the words there would be no way for us to help recover them if anything went wrong.)

In the unbelievably unlikely event that someone hacked into Novlr to steal your words – the fact that you’d saved those words in Novlr with a timestamp against it would mean they couldn’t use them as they are your intellectual property.

Where do you save my words when I’m offline?

When you go offline, the changes you make are saved into your browsers “local storage” as a series of changes. When you go back online, we save what is in local storage to the server (“sync it to the cloud” as we would describe in short). If you write in your novel elsewhere on another device while that one is still online, when you get a connection again on the offline device, you will be givien a message that there are two conflicting versions and you can choose to update to the latest or discard the latest changes and stick with what’s in the device you’re in.

Subscription questions

How much does Novlr cost?

Novlr is free for a trial period of two weeks and then costs a simple $10 a month from then on. Or you can buy it annually at $100. That’s it.

What happens to my words if I don’t subscribe?

If you are not yet ready to subscribe to Novlr after your free trial is finished, you will still be able to log in and export your work at any time. We believe your words are your words.

What happens to my words if I subscribe and then cancel?

You will always be able to log in and export your words, regardless of whether or not you ever pay a penny. Your words are your words. Read a longer more convoluted way of saying this in our terms of service.

When does my free trial end?

Your free trial will end 2 weeks from the date you signed up. You can see this under Settings > Account.

If I’m not in the US, do I still pay in dollars?

No matter where you are, you pay with your credit/debit card as usual and we calculate the amount based on $10 at that time. So in the UK that will be around £6.60-£7 a month. This is subject to change though.

What payment methods do you take?

We accept all major credit/debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.