Novlr 1.15 – Daily Goals and Writing Streaks – Oct 2017

In Novlr 1.15 you’ll find our latest features goal tracking and writing streaks. We all know writing is often about getting the words on the page. So many writers have stressed that regular writing is so crucial:

So, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to set yourself a daily goal. We’ll let you know when you’ve hit it. It’s that simple. Oh, and we’re big believers in the power of a writing streak. What’s a writing streak? A writing streak is when you string a few days of hitting your goal together. It’s a powerful motivator to keep that streak going once you’ve started it.

Set yourself a daily goal

Start your writing streak

More improvements

It isn’t as sexy as goals and writing streaks, but we did a thorough rewrite of some of the code. We’ve added in a load of tests that are run each time we push new work live. This makes it less likely that we will put code live with bugs in. Sometimes we have to spend time doing this grunt work but it really pays off in the long term and leaves you with a more robust app.

  • Publish to ebook unable to select novel – fixed
  • Google Drive integration requiring multiple verification attempts – fixed
  • More tweaks to calculating your stats (these are constantly being improved with your feedback)

Coming soon

November is coming very soon, and for many of you that’s a month of writing an entire novel!! So we’ll be adding a 50,000 words in a month tracker for you. Obviously, more big stuff coming too, but exactly what comes next we’re not sure, so make sure you keep telling us what you need.