Novlr Release 1.13 – Comments – June 2017

In Novlr Release 1.13 you’ll find our latest feature – comments. We’ve been talking to so many of you about how to make it easy to capture notes, track ideas, pop thoughts in and around the novel manuscript and we realised that using the familiar functionality of comments would be the most flexible way of doing it.

Here’s a video with Thomas explaining a little bit about how comments works.

A simple double click

Double click on a word, or highlight it with your mouse and click the comment icon. As simple as that.

Quick to find

Once you’ve added a comment there’s a light coloured overlay to the area you commented on. Just click on this and read the comments.

On and off

Switch comments on and off using the little tab at the bottom right of the screen. Also see how many comments in this chapter.

Fully editable

Just click the little edit icon in the corner of the comment and you can edit the comment. add more information in or delete it.

More improvements

  • Local storage in browsers improved
  • Automated testing in code enhanced
  • Versions interface improved

Coming soon

The next release is most likely to be an improved version of goals, helping you set your ambitious targets and tracking how you do against them. Keep the suggestions coming.