Release 1.4 – Night mode and more

Novlr just got better – as it does every month.

We’ve been listening. You tell us what you need and we build it. Have a watch of our summary video or scroll down and take a look at some of the new features – there’s chunky ones and mini ones – they all make a difference.


Evening and night modes

Evening and night

A lot of you write day and night, and many of you asked for a softer colour scheme for the long nights. So we did some research, took on your ideas and voila: evening and night modes.


Curly quotes and em dash



Some of you are very particular about having a certain ratio of curl in your quotes…so now you can.




Who needs commas, parenthesis or colons? Just em dash it by typing two dashes in succession.



Improved exports

We are continuously improving the exports as they are complicated beasts. So this month:

  • Notes can now be included in export
  • Strikethrough and underline work in pdf
  • Page breaks after chapters


Take the tour



Novlr is adding features so quickly we need to make sure everyone who joins gets an introduction to them. You can try it in Settings > Help.

Cleaned up chapters



We cleaned up the chapter sidebar a little. Aesthetics matter when you’re using a tool as much as we writers do. There’s more important changes to the chapters coming soon too…





Click onto a line


This one was a pet peeve of mine (Thomas). It was difficult to click on the beginning of a line. You had to get it exact. Well not any more…now you can click a bit to the left. It’s the small details sometimes.




We’ll be releasing new features every month.

Influence what we build next by adding your votes to the features roadmap and discuss how you would like to see them built. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Good luck with the writing – and thanks for using Novlr.


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