Release blog: 0.2.0 (Redesign, multiple novels, user statistics and more)

Boy have we been hard at work! The last couple of months has seen myself and our superstar developer Mark Muhleder working flat out to bring you the second major release of Novlr since being in beta. To give you an idea of the scale of the change, the version of Novlr before this release had 700 commits (changes to the code) and Novlr-0.2.0 has 1,267! That is a lot of work.

Summary of changes: We have redesigned the whole settings screen, including a hint at what is to come in the next few months. We have added your most-requested feature of all time – multiple novels. You can now write as many as you like, you prolific bunch. We have added some statistics that shed a bit of insight on how, when and how much you write. And we’ve added much more besides.

All changes are outlined below. As always, if you want more details, technical or otherwise, about any of these features, I’d love to talk to you about them, [email protected]

Novlr release 0.2.0

Major changes

  • Multiple novels
  • New statistics of every word you write in Novlr*
  • User settings full redesign
  • New notifications system
  • Versioning in case of need to restore – we save a version of your work with each change so if anything goes wrong we can track back through all your changes and rectify it**

* “Words written this year” and “time spent writing in Novlr” for existing users counted only from 1st July 2015.
** Currently this is for admins to help rectify issues but once more robust we will move it into the app so that each writer can track every single change they ever make. Exciting!


  • Now allow signup with postfix emails (a “+”)
  • Now allow signup with emails with capital letters
  • Checks for newer versions of Novlr and prompts to update
  • Prepared payment system for release in October
  • Improvements to dealing with offline conflicts arising from using multiple devices
  • Added an email verification step to secure your account further
  • Hitting Alt+C will open and close the chapter list in chrome (for all other browser and OS, see which access key +C is required)

Bug fixes

  • Chapter title not updating in status bar when changed until refresh – fixed
  • Scrolling to the top when using bold/italic etc.

With massive thanks to…

Novlr is a handful of passionate people trying to build you the best writing tool out there and we could not do it without funding! These Lifetime Heroes have paid $100 to have Novlr free forever in order to help fund this crucial build stage. We can’t shower enough praise onto them. The people who helped fund release 0.2.0 are:

Andrew Hodges · Wendy Matheson · Nicola White · Catherine Emmett · Jim Moran · Katarina Takahashi