Release notes: Novlr v0.2.1

Thomas and I have been busy again for the last few weeks bringing you another release hot off the heels of 0.2.0. We hope you are going to like the new features in this one. As always if you have any questions, technical or otherwise, drop us an email at [email protected] or tweet us at @novlrtweets. We

Release summary: We have added the much-anticipated Google Drive and Dropbox integration allowing you to sync a daily or weekly backup to your storage software of choice. Yay! We’ve also added bullets points and more granular word counting within the editor. As well as a few little bugs that also got squashed int he making of this release.

Novlr v0.1.2


  • Sync to dropbox
  • Sync to Google Drive


  • Bullet formatting
  • Improved word count in the editor (in your status bar at the bottom you now have the chapter count, novel count and, on hover, todays count)
  • Show word count as negative if words deleted
  • Updated editor library (quil.js to 0.20)

Bug fixes

  • “ctrl+y” not working as “redo” on windows
  • Export not working in Firefox
  • Lazy loading in Firefox

Happy writing wonderful beta users!