Scenes, sections and more notes

Many of you told us you structure your novels into scenes or sections. So we’ve built that functionality for you.

Now you can drag chapters under other chapters to order them as you see fit.

Planning section

You also let us know that you wanted the ability to add distinct notes – for characters, for locations etc and felt limited having just one Notes.

You can add as many as you need, and arrange them into sub notes.

A title page

There’s now a title page at the top of the novel, for editing the novel title.

It is also where more might be added in the future.

Chapter numbers

We intend to keep the screen as clear as possible, so we’ve currently removed the chapter numbers. Don’t worry though, you can select to show them in your writing preferences in Settings.

Some smaller changes

  • Chapter titles now edited in-page
  • Chapter numbering now a writing preference
  • Server load improvements
  • Account status box bugfix
  • Other bits and pieces…

comingsoonAdding comments throughout your text would make the editing process much easier. So we’re hoping to have that ready soon.

If you have any questions at all, or want to share your thoughts, please get in touch through the little blue icon in the bottom right of the settings page and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.