Tell us what you need and we’ll build it

We are here to build what you need. It is so important to us that we get your feedback and your thoughts on what we need to build and exactly how it should work.

So you’ll see that we’ve created a Features Roadmap and we’d love you to get involved. Vote on the features you want and stick your comments on them too.


A long time ago, when we were in beta we had a different poll that became the features roadmap. You can see it here.

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    • Elena Álvarez González
      Elena Álvarez González says:

      wow. That would be really amazing. I want that too.
      Instead, I would love that novlr run in several languages, Spanish specially.

      • Thomas
        Thomas says:

        And we ‘ll definitely be looking to release Novlr in Spanish.

        M’encantaria que lo podriamos hacer ahora mismo pero primero tenemos que salir de beta, despues igual otros lenguajes. Espanol primero!

      • julie ershadi
        julie ershadi says:

        I agree, I like what’s at the heart of that idea. I think it could be very usefully expanded into other forms of data/statistics tracking. It’s helpful to know how much a word or phrase is used because sometimes it indicates a true-but-as-yet-unearthed theme in your writing. Surely there are other uses of such a tool. Like a word count option on steroids.

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