Why a monthly subscription is better

Some of you have asked us why we have chosen a subscription model. Why should I pay monthly for something when I could pay a one-off fee and never have to worry about it again? It’s a fair question. And it’s one we are keen to answer, because there are very good reasons – good for you, our writers – as to why we’ve chosen a subscription model.

Novlr isn’t a thing, it’s a service.

What do I mean by that? Well lets use an analogy of a school. When you say ‘a school’ you can be referring to two things.

  • 1. There’s the physical school building.
  • 2. There’s the service that does the schooling.

You could buy the building, but without paying the teachers, cleaners, electricity bill etc you don’t have a school. The school continually changes, gets better, every year there are new textbooks and new meals need to be cooked for school lunches every day. That’s Novlr. We’re not the outer casing, we’re the team of people: developers, designers, support staff, accountants, database technicians – everything else that sits behind the clean simple writing screen that you write into.

Novlr is constantly improving

A major difference between paying for a service or a product is that a service continually improves. We improve Novlr all the time, which means that every month you’ll get a better tool. Just take a look at the incredible list of features you’ve all suggested on our roadmap. None of that will be built if we wrapped up Novlr as it is now and sold it to you. We want to build all that. We want to work with you to build the best writing tool.

It means we can support you

We pride ourselves in responding to your questions and concerns as quickly as we possibly can. We can only do that if we have regular predictable income coming in. We want to be able to do that for as long as Novlr is runningInflatable Pools cleaning.

It means Novlr is more robust

If users pay in smaller increments regularly, it means a company like ours can plan properly – we will know how and when the money will come in and we can hire the people we need based on that. We can make things steady and constant rather than relying on how many copies of a software we’d sold that month.

It makes us work harder

If we took your money up front, we’d not be under any great pressure to keep giving you a good service afterwards. By breaking your payments down into small chunks, we need to keep giving you a good service every single month otherwise you’ll cancel your subscription. That incentive is good.

We’re much more likely to last

If we use a subscription model and it allows us to plan in a sustainable way – so our costs never outweigh our income, we are a much more secure organisation. We won’t stretch beyond our means, we won’t stop supporting you because we’ve run out of money like many startup companies do.

There are also practical costs

As well as the staff required to support Novlr, there are other practical costs, like hosting and licenses etc that a one-off piece of software doesn’t have. Paying for those lets us offer you something better than a one-off piece of software – constant access, cloud storage, offline syncing etc.


The reasons are simple

We’re here to work with you to build the best writing tool. A subscription model makes that far more likely. You just need to look at how one-off software stands still, or introduces new versions, or plugins that then cost more money at a later date. We just want a simple, open, honest transaction with our users. We think Novlr (the service) is worth $10 a month – and hope you do too.

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